Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Full of confusions ..

Heyy. Long time haven't post. Super busy for the past two weeks. Today went for prayers with our Seluar Panjang. Hahaha. Then went to Mac to celebrate somebody's birthday ( Not Nadhirah ) xD. Then, somethng unexpected happens. Me, khai, asri, zal, am were f***ing pissed off. Our minds were filled with unanswered questions. We're confused.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year guys !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS !!! Hope u all have a pleasant 2010 ahead and buried 2009 deep down inside ur hearts !! xDD

Before I wrote this post, I watched "EVGSS Prefectorial Board 08/09" video at Youtube. It was damn touching until I cried. Yes I cried. My Sec 2 journey had been a long way, and I know I had a long way to go in Prefectorial Board. I wanna thank 6th, 7th and 8th Batch Excos for their guidance and unlimited helps. I will definitely try my best to break the obstacles that I will encounter later on and will increase my confidence level.

Throughout this whole year, I had a lot of new experience that I encountered. Knew the meaning of true friends. Had a few downs also. Saw the stepping down of 7th Batch. :( And my class was awesome. Soo sporting. Thnks guys for making my life an enjoyable one!

Resolutions for 2010 :
- hope to be an Exco
- Concentrate more on studies
- hope Gangez will be more bonded and closer :D
- Grow a bit taller (same height as Az and Khai) xD
- be a good leader
- hope 10th anniversary will be a success

2009 had been an awesome year for me. Seriously. Enjoyed each second of it. This year is the year with I fought with Asri, met Faiqah, met Sezairi and Sylvia, and everyone that make me smile everyday. And believe it or not, I cried all the way when I wrote this post. hahah. Lets say goodbye to 2009 and make way for 2010 !!! K bye ppl !!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today mainly bbq-ued with Interact Club, NE Ambassador and NE Comm from 2.30pm. It is to celebrate our success throughout the year 2009, a year which i cant forget. =) Some alumni came down also. Heard inspirational stories frm the Head of Discipline Comm of 6th Batch Excos. Az, Bhai, Khai, Khairi and Shahir came down also to join the party. Had fun of course with ALL of them. Then, lepak with Az, Bhai and Akmal till 10.30pm. Haha. k bye ppl!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's SEZAIRI SEZALI !!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! Incredible!! Awesome!! Fantastic!!
Singapore Idol Season 3 had ended moments ago. Sezairi is the winner. The most deserved one. So, this is my view about SI Season 3.

At first, when I watched the Top 24, I supported Farhan. But the nex week, when I watched Sezairi performed, I started supporting him instead. So throughout Spectacular #1 till Spectacular #12, I supported him. BUT, after the S#12 show, I was impressed by Sylvia's humbleness and sincerity, and, started supporting SYLVIA until the Grand Finale. And was addicted to 'American Boy'. At the Grand Finale, Sylvia blew me off when she sangs 'Mercy'. But still, when Sezairi sang 'Touched by an angel', I was truely touched by the performance and when I thought back, I should have supported Sezairi all this while. During results show, my family started whispering 'sezairi, sezairi, sezairi'.

Gurmit: Your nex Singapore Idol is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ( my heart beated furiously ) SSSomeone ( phew ) who you chose to be your next Singapore Idol and it is ............... ( heart pounding hard and fast ) SEZAIRI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I jumped and clapped for him. )

I am proud of him mann. I almost cried. What a season this is. The most memorable one. For me at least. Hahaha. So, I supported many finalists in Singapore Idol but still, Sezairi is my favourite and deserved one. Three Malay men in a row. What can I say about that huh? Cool!!! Congrats Sezairi sezali !!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Someone's 14 !!!

Happy bdae TabKuNii !!
At last kau dah 14!
Wow!! Haha.
Today was sooooo gerek!
Had BBQ at Faiqah's apartment, Tab's cousin.
Met tab and faiqah's family.
Help out with the bbq thingy.
The food was great.
Lastly, we took out our shirts and jumped into the pool.
Swimswimswim until 5.30pm.
Really enjoyed today mann.

Tmrw Singapore Idol Grand Finale.
But unfortunately, I didn't get to see it 'Live' at Indoor Stadium.
Nvm lorr.
No luck this time.
Maybe the nex season. ^^ hahaha.
Thts for now. Byebye !!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family time ! <3

Woke up at bout 12pm.
My siblings kept disturbing me by saying, '' Abg ader org msg'' repeatedly.
But i ignored and continued sleeping until noon.
Had some tidbits.
Then played with my comp.
At around 7.30pm, went out with family.
Firstly, shopped at queensway.
Bought a few things.
Then, my dad rode his car and let us see orchid road at night time.
Enjoyed it mann!!
Reminds me of Geylang Serai. xDD
Then, shopshopshop at Bugis Street.
Lastly, had supper at Al-Ameen at 12am.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

rewanGEZ !!

Two more weeks sch reopen.
Havent even TOUCH my hmwk. Haiz.
But still, can't wait to wear LONG PANTS!!!! Wohooo!!

Kay, today rewang with Asri, Am, Az, Akmal at Blk 792 at about 8pm till 12am.
Akmal's cousin wedding.
Before that, met Tabin at their lift.
Fetch his dad at the airport.
At the rewang place, did not so much as the caterer had come to do all the whatever shit.
Just need to clean the tables.
Much time for us to joke around, chit chat and merapatkan silaturrahim. xD
Finally, got some food as a token.
As well as $$$. Hehehe.
Kay lahh.
Thats all folks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Outing with Gangez!!

Today woke up at 8am. Got ready to go for a swim with Gangez at Woodlands Swimming Complex. First time swim since June holidays. Sooo long sia didnt swim. Awkward. Hahah. Then saw Aiszx, Erra, Kamarrul, Hafierul&frens and Ertiqa. The boyz were fxcking shock when seeing Aishah and Erra. And aZ said smth that is really hilarious xD tk baek sak kau aZ. hahaha! Swam for about 3 hours. Whoa.

Then, washed up myself and went to gym with Zal, Fit, As and Am. Train my body rather than training my legs and stamina level. After an hour of work out, have our lunch at Banquet at Cwp. Then, lepaks at the hall. Played soccer for a while. Then chit chatted. Finally, went home with Asri and Hajar.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


OMG!! The best night this year mann!
I cant believe it.
Kay went to Singapore Idol with Am, Khai, Rovin and the girls.
We can feel the intensity of the three idols.
Shout as loud as possible when SI starts.
Great experience.
I dun knw which contestant I support.
They were equally good. Seriously.
Just before the News 5 Tonight's telecast of SI, Gurmit Singh and Ken Lim cracked ABSOLUTELY FUNNY jokes with us.
Gurmit: *Playing with the microphone*
Ken: This is what Gurmit always do in the toilet. *everyone laughs*
Gurmit: Of course u knw lahh. Cos we always share toilet seat. *everyone start giggling*
It tickles u knw. Hahaha.

"The one who will be joining Sylvia in the grand finals is.........................SEZAIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Whoa. The fans made noise like hell sia.
But fun lahh.
After the show, went near the stage and shook Sezairi's hand. Wow!
But not only that, also took pictures with Sezairi, Sylvia, Farhan Shah, Tabitha and Malaque and the reception.
Dun knw how to describe my joyness and excitement.
They were very humble and kind.
Also have Sezairi's autograph.
And Sezairi also signed at Khai's pouch.
Kekek sia.
Its 1.45am already.
Too excited to go to bed. Hahaha.
Btw uploading the pictures soon.
K gdnight ppl!!